Where MAY BE THE Product Image Stored?

Why Did I Choose Clickbank? I decided that I had a need to have affiliates promote my product, and I wanted to make it as possible for them as it can be to discover the product. The problem I have is that I don’t have a huge audience (yet). THEREFORE I needed to find a simple way for affiliates to find me. Clickbank appeals to me because it’s super easy for affiliates to find products to promote and they don’t need to be approved by me. They can search for my product via the Clickbank market place, click a button to acquire their affiliate marketer hoplink plus they can start promoting my product instantly.

Clickbank also manages paying affiliates their share of any revenue they help create and it will also manage any refund demands. These are things which i didn’t want to have to do myself, so it made sense for Clickbank to do them. So for this product, my goal was to make it possible for affiliates to promote.

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Therefore I select Clickbank as my shopping cart. When you set up your vendor account within Clickbank, you’ll spend most of your time going between two tabs – “My “My and Site” Products”. In the “My Site” tab you actually enter hardly any details of your website and instead complete it with the details of your main product.

I are the product title, a brief explanation and the fee split. These details show in the merchandise list in the Clickbank market place so this is what potential affiliates will dsicover when they’re searching for products to market. Once you’ve set up these details, you then provide more product-specific information in the “My Products” tabs.

What type of product is it – an ebook, audio etc? What is the URL to the merchandise Pitch Page? Will there be a mobile version of the pitch web page? Where is the MANY THANKS (download) page? More with this later. Just how much is the merchandise? Where is the merchandise image stored?

You range from something image (book cover etc), but can’t add these to the merchandise until after the product is approved. This image is displayed on the Clickbank order web page. So, with this page you’re listing all the product-related information. If you’re selling several product, you’d enter multiple products here.

At this aspect it’s worthwhile detailing one of the restrictions within Clickbank. Clickbank will recognise one main web page per Clickbank ID when they create the affiliate marketer hotlinks. While they’ll allow you to create multiple products under your Clickbank ID, and they’ll recognise the various sales pages for every of these products, they’ll only create affiliate marketer hotlinks that true point to one page on your site. There is a work-around to this nagging problem.

It allows owner to convert a Clickbank hoplink to a link that actually includes their sites’s URL, therefore increasing the backlinks to that site. In the event that you sell multiple products, affiliate marketers are able to create their own affiliate links to whichever sales page they choose. So if they want to promote a specific product, they can create a link to that web page, but still have the Clickbank cookie as part of that link. I haven’t used EasyClickMate at this time because I only have the one product on the market, however when I add more products I’ll begin using the product because it makes it easier for affiliates to promote your product. Which Pages To Use?

To sell a product via Clickbank, you’ll need to create two webpages – a WEB PAGE and a Download Page. You have to know that Clickbank demand a customer has paid for your product once, they’re used direct to a download page – you can’t drive them to subscribe to a publication before getting usage of that page. They’re very rigorous about the items of your sales page also. You can’t make unreasonable or exaggerated promises regarding your product, or around the scarcity of the product. When you’re adding your product via the “My Products” screen, you tell Clickbank the URL for your product sales page, as well as for the download page.

Your download web page can be a hidden page on your site. I’ve chosen to safeguard my download page with DLGuard, so even if someone has got the URL, the real download link is invisible unless the right code exists. In another article I’ll clarify some of the DLGuard-specific settings and how Clickbank and DLGuard link together.