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West Michigan Quilt Guild brought Sharon Schamber to Grand Rapids this week. Sharon is a favorite author, speaker, instructor, and quilter. On Wednesday night and trained classes on Tuesday and Wed She spoke at the Guild. I used to be fortunate for the reason that I got to attend her “Domestic Quilting Feather Abundance” class.

Not only was it a fun day, but I learned so much that my head is still rotating. Sharon, (shown above) is warm and caring and is a great teacher who is willing to talk about her many years of experience and knowledge. I’ll try to pass along a few of what I learned today.

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We students were all so nervous at the beginning of class that Sharon needed to reveal to calm down, relax, and enjoy the day. She said that most quilters are Alpha quilters and want one to get right to the true point. That’s what she did. She said that we now have only four forms that you need to learn when you do free motion quilting: The scallop, soft ess, rip drop, and scroll. She first taught us how to baste.

In the past I have hated basting, but her technique managed to get and fun fast. You are hoped by me can see in the picture, the basting appears good even. Sharon uses boards when she bastes. You’ll have to consider her course or go to her website to see what I’m discussing. I had no idea what that was all about when my source list thought to bring specific size planks.

Since I didn’t get any pictures I can’t explain. Above Sharon demonstrates how to employ a slider and hoop when doing free motion quilting. She talked about length of the feather spine, size of the feathers, etc., and exactly how they can all be related to sizes of your own body part. TIP: For example, the common feather size is the size on your index finger.

TIP: Did you know that to look for the size needle you will need, you hold three strands of thread hand and hand and if they fit through the attention of the needle that is the size needle you will need. TIP: Did you know that static builds when you free motion quilt and that a Teflon sheet on your machine beneath the fabric will eliminate that static. Static build up could kill the computer in your machine.

Sharon also talked about stopping and scoring. Sounds like a term a guy would use. Sharon says that when you begin out quilting you should sew one feather and stop, use your stiletto or bone to mark the next feather (score it). You must do this marking 3 x to create body memory, and only then should you make the next feather. Then you stop again and repeat the process before you move to another feather. Sounds tedious, but it works actually.