Elle Clancy Admits She Compared Herself To Older Sister Abbey

Elle Clancy has admitted that she’d compare herself to her ‘taller and slimmer’ old sister Abbey while growing up. The model, 20, uncovered that she’s ‘definitely more of a tomboy’ compared to Abbey, 32 – explaining the way they look and dress as ‘very different’. However, she said that Abbey is ‘very supportive’ of her modelling career, with her top little bit of advice being to ‘just be yourself’.

It comes as Elle features in a sensational new swimwear campaign for Faith at Debenhams, which was shot over two days in Tenerife. The real way we look, and how exactly we dress, is different quite. I’m more of a tomboy, definitely more of a tomboy. I had been always like why aren’t I so tall, so thin – I had been always comparing myself to her. She’s gorgeous, she’s beautiful’ . Share Elle described how Abbey, who began her own career has model, has given her advice as she is begun by her career. We are all very close, we’re an extremely close family. Abbey’s really supportive. She’s really happy for me,’ she said. She tells me “Just be yourself, you’re doing what you love”.

Elle starred in her first publication shoot at age just 13, when she was shot by renowned photographer Tim Walker for Love mag. She also had taken part in Liverpool Fashion Week that season, with big sister Abbey assisting her from the front row. Since that time, she has used a number of glamorous shoots, regularly posting behind-the-scenes snaps on Instagram page.

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However, it is not all basic sailing for Elle, who was simply identified as having polycystic ovarian symptoms (PCOS) two years ago. Explaining how she struggled with the condition, she said: ‘I didn’t know very well what it was for a long time, but I had been fighting my weight – it was going up and down.

My skin all emerged up in lumps. I had been so uncomfortable, I didn’t want to leave the house. I was trying everything, and nothing at all would help. The model, who also works as a hair stylist, explained how she has had to change her diet and fitness program in order to keep the condition in order. It is absolutely difficult to manage it. It’s made me really into fitness, which I really now love,’ she said.

Elle described how she’s been dealing with PCOS for days gone by 2 yrs. I’m careful with what I eat. No dairy, I’ve lessen sugars, I don’t really drink any longer. It’s used me two years to work out what’s best for my own body. Elle is open about her struggle with PCOS on her Instagram page, offering advice to her enthusiasts who also suffering with the condition. She described how modelling has helped her regain her confidence, and said she actually is know getting excited about working on other projects in the foreseeable future. It’s definitely given me confidence, you feel proud of what you’ve achieved,’ she said. I want to use brands that I really do like. The Trust swimwear range now could be available at Debenhams.