My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

This morning’s reading was 169.6, more than I needed, but I’m not upset. I know my week wasn’t the best with the condition hanging on. I think I have transformed the part finally, or at least the B-12 and antibiotics have kicked in! I’m going to ease back in to the stair stepper, because that thing kicks my behind even though I’m healthy.

I’m thinking starting with 5 minutes slow & easy and adding five minutes each day until I’m up to at least 20 minutes. Then I’ll ratchet up the intensity. There is absolutely no reason the eating program can’t get back to where it requires to be right now. I’ve been to the supermarket and stocked through to fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins and even some Ezekiel Bread. It is supposed to be a good whole grain bread.

I got some cinnamon raisin to have for breakfast in the mornings. I also lowered off a huge pile of clothes at consignment. It had been a good experience. They took everything almost, and increased the purchase price on a few items even. I priced them to market, because I don’t want them back.

They thought I used to be leaving money up for grabs, so I went along with their suggestions happily. Although, I’m unhappy about the gain this week, especially since it was because of this horrible flu-like bug on offer, A peace is acquired by me about any of it somehow. There is nothing I could have done to prevent getting sick. It really is just one of those rotten elements of life. I did the best I possibly could with the options I designed to eat, and I rested when I was told by the doctor to. I am learning, slowly however, that all of these little set backs are necessary elements of the journey.

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I am not making a justification to make poor options, although that occurs too. I’m talking about doing the best I could and accepting the outcome. I have a genuine tendency to defeat myself up over things that often no control is acquired by me. I had a time line for the weight loss segment of my life.

I’ve expanded it more times than I care and attention to confess, and I’m still not within my goal weight. Now, I’m starting to wonder why. I don’t possess a marriage or other other dressing up event on the horizon. You will want to relax and revel in this lower leg of the trip? I know these last few pounds shall be the slowest ones to peel off away. Why set unrealistic deadlines, and set myself up for failure and frustration? I’ll make it happen. Thanks for becoming a member of me on the trip!

I’ll eat cake, I have many times along this journey, I simply don’t devour four or five pieces like I might have before. I understand I’m being consistent. “But Sean, things happen, we can’t expect to be strong on a regular basis.” Really? I’ve endured deaths in the family, financial woes, the holiday season, birthdays, my 20th wedding anniversary, Halloween, Day Valentines, reconnecting with a dad and sibling I’ve never known, and many other things that life can throw my way.

None from it ceased me for a good day. I’m not special, I don’t have super individual weight loss powers, but I made a decision to stay on the right track whatever the circumstances. I knew that was the only path I would get this done for real ever. I voided all excuses or reasons never to do it this right time.

Have I deprived myself on the way? No, not whatsoever. Each day I eat three foods with least three snack foods. I’ll enjoy whatever we’re having in a responsible way. Consistency is the key. Consistent work equals consistent results. When somebody tells me that I’ve lost the weight too fast up to now, I wonder if they think I’m starving myself?