From THE BEST…JB/Raging Bull

This report serves as a timely update to my series of reviews about Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (“LM”) (ticker: LQMT). This report delineates many compelling bits of circumstantial evidence, reasonable reasoning and enough knowledge of the CE market and ramifications of most recent development of a complete sanction of Huawei to the U.S. This survey and earlier LQMT reviews read more like national security intelligence briefings than research reports. Because the world-class capabilities of Apple to achieve almost complete secrecy surrounding its product developments, applying a ongoing health dosage of Occam’s Razor to our fact-finding mission should again serve us well, as it offers in the past.

For investors to fully understand the LQMT trade, following developments of the potential source(s) of the company’s future income is of the utmost importance. Liquid steel development experts suggest EONTEC/LM have significantly more when compared to a two-year business lead in the development of liquid metals for commercial, commercial and consumer applications. This declaration is not hyperbole; it’s an undeniable fact.

In addition, a misunderstanding among experienced investors of LQMT about EONTEC/LM reciprocal patented technologies (both materials and production techniques) is important to get rid of at the moment. And that is, Apple’s purchase of exclusive global patent privileges to LM’s liquid metal technologies is utterly meaningless. In other words, for all intentions, Apple has global exclusive patent rights to practically nothing in the liquid metal space.

We must conclude that beyond the data that an comparative version of Moore’s Law put on the liquid metals industry has not been magically suspended. Besides that little bit of reasoning, we can clearly see EONTEC has been providing Huawei with liquid metallic components because of its mobile devices and 5G stations for many a few months.

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Why hasn’t Apple shouted “foul? ” There has been no bad. EONTEC has provided alternative liquid metal technology to Apple’s patents to make Huawei 5G liquid metal components and CE products made by Samsung, both of whom are formidable and direct competition in the CE space. Therefore, the global CE market is wide open to LM, this fact of which has not been voluntarily disclosed to LM investors. Because Wall Street analyst don’t cover OTCBB stocks, skillfully developed haven’t weighed-in on this critical point, but we are, now.

We suggest Apple’s purchase of LM patents were a way of supporting the business for even more development of a set of game-changing of technology Apple knew it will need in the years to come. 123 billion of Current Assets. Notice, too, that whenever Apple ended buying updated patents from LM in Feb. 2016, Lugee Li made his first bulk purchase of LQMT stock in March 2016. No further updated patent buys to LM were created by Apple.