While Azalea Group is a Private Equity firm, Astrea IV is a debts instrument which depends on Azalea Group’s cashflow for interest repayment. The elegance of this relationship should be based on its relative interest rate offered and its underlying ability to pay the eye and primary loan amount. If the underlying private equity investments do perform better, the bond investors do not obtain further benefits from the interest offered. Furthermore, even though Azalea Group is indirectly wholly-owned by Temasek Holdings, the bonds aren’t assured by Temasek.

Additionally, the SEC is conducting programs to teach a huge selection of staffers to be Certified Fraud Examiners, and growing the availability of programs for staffers to be Certified Financial Analysts. Integrating Broker-Dealer and Investment Adviser Examinations: THE BRAND NEW York Regional Office has adopted a process that will integrate examination teams to make sure people with the right skill pieces are designated to examinations.

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Under the new process, a single team of examiners, drawn from the broker-dealer and investment managements systems, will jointly examine selected firms to ensure that the examination team includes those most expert in the subject of the exam. Furthermore, this effort includes greater cross-training and coordination between broker-dealer and investment management personnel on the evaluation plans. Enhancing Licensing, Education and Oversight Regime for “Back-Office” Personnel: Dealing with senior SEC staff, FINRA has focused on establish a new system to enhance the oversight and professional requirements of personnel performing back-office functions at broker-dealer firms. “Back-office” personnel typically perform critical custody, accounting, transfer company and account maintenance functions. They have an important role that must be performed with integrity and skill.

Under the new routine, certain back-office personnel would be subject to licensing and education requirements as well as enhanced oversight. The new regime will further promote the qualifications and professionalism of those performing back office functions so that client accounts are better protected. Because of Jay B. Gould, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

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