A Cultural Jihadist In Congress

Ilhan Omar, junior congresswoman of Minnesota’s 5th district, symbolizes a demographic considered the “terrorist recruitment capital of the U.S.,”according to FBI figures, so it’s unsurprising every word she talks is controversially anti-Semitic and anti-American. With 100,000 Somalis swelling the populace of her region, it’s obvious she was elected to wage social jihad in America rather than donate to our constitutional republic.

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Thanks for the sanity check. For living in CA, when I believe that there are 2 people plus on the still left than the non remaining, it is very scary. For residing in CA, the weather simply. I grew up in Manhattan, the other left political Hell hole. It had been definitely having less the cruel dismal winter in NY that enticed me to CA. I had no idea about the political climate.

It was easy to get a job here, so I am here. I’ve no desire to go anywhere that has a real winter. I have also lived and worked in Silicon Valley but I never thought it was as bad as it became when Obama became president. I believe that if the weather changed and it was much like NY here, half individuals would leave.

Now, it appears like the whole country is enveloped in a cruel politics winter. The word limits are a good idea. They would have 8 years to verify themselves, and only if they did an outstanding job would they have a shot at a different governmental position. That might help keep them honest, work on fulfilling campaign promises, and keep them motivated. That was a filthy move by CA on the taxes return issue, specially when you take into account what Hillary has obtained away with in her pay-to-play plans and using the Clinton Foundation as a money laundering procedure. Any issues about Trump’s tax returns would pale in comparison to the filthy business of the Clintons.

How is it possible to stand living in CA? I’m amazed you haven’t joined the mass exodus of people leaving. A thought is got by me on your devils advocate query. I believe for the homely house of Rep, 4 terms of 2 years would be adequate. And then they might have options of running for different positions in state and federal government. CA is an example of what happens without term limitations when a condition is controlled by one party for over a half of a century with Reagan as a break. But the continuing state authorities and the Given House Rep and Senate is all democrat.