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Your friend invites you to a business presentation event. You reluctantly agree to go and find out what all the hype is about. You get into the demonstration hall and are directed to a free sit and you are immediately strike by the pure number of individuals in the hall. Are each of them interested in QNET like you are or are they area of the business? They are some the questions running in your head. You take a sit, greet your fellow neighbors and wait for the presentation to start out, at which time several speakers take to the stage introducing the products and the business plan to the audience. If there is time, there are even videos so that you can watch.

I am speculating that you have gone to such business presentations at least once and remain in search to get more evidence and information about QNET. If you have not been to such a display yet, don’t worry, your time is coming! Among the reasons why such thoughts run through your brain is that after the speakers start discussing the business plan, the figures they mention appear far too unrealistic to you.

Currency shifts or shifts in value between the Deutsche Mark and the Peseta can – by dint of money union – no longer happen. The main mechanism of economic modification is removed. America has always done that. The same interest applies in the rust belt, in sunlight belt, in California and in Boston.

And we realize how economic modification happens. Americans move. A multitude of Americans do not reside in their house town and the bulk of the world’s busiest airports are American. Internal American migration is substantial. However migration within Europe has involved more issues. The languages are different. Several countries have histories of unpleasant endemic racism.

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There are large social barriers. Monetary Union – whether by design or outcome was always going to confront those barriers just. And it would be gradual always. There is a reason the German/Spanish imbalance was such a long time lasting last decade – which was that it is much harder for a German to go to Spain than it is perfect for say a Hoosier to move to California. The changing racial mix of Spain throughout the increase seemed to show that substantial shifts in racial combine and massive inner migration could be accommodated without the tensions of Europe’s dark former.

They were the embodiment and a proof of the European political experiment. If Spain collapses beyond bail-out (according to Argentina) then financial union has ended – and financial union with racial tranquility will be challenged. As I said – the balance of Spain is a huge issue and the crux point is the losses in the Spanish bank operating system. Sitting within my table in Bondi Australia I’ve no real advantage in answering the best questions about the solvency of Spain and whether Spain really is the black opening in Europe’s balance sheet. But I can add to the debate.