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As we trace the histories of Germany, England, and the United States we witness the same trends in approval of new cultures. A fresh way of life had not been immediately accepted. The old culture eroded. New cultures with different values than the old synthesized with the old to create a new. The process began over. With toleration as the chief ethic, new cultures were allowed and then welcomed.

Judgment was reproved. The social diffusion violated the overall standard of goodness and truth and beauty. God was no represented longer. Ways not reflective of Him were indulged and propagated then. What is becoming unacceptable is criticism, except of intolerance. Nobody’s opinion is denied. The river is becoming polluted out of every imaginable source.

  • Look for the USDA organic seal of approval
  • Blend tomatoes and cucumbers like just how before
  • Wash your face before turning in
  • Do you think a titleholder should be single or in a romantic relationship
  • The most apparent of the list, DRINK MORE WATER
  • Who inspires you the most in your life

It won’t supply the clear water it once did, unless we are willing to stop tossing everything involved with it. We must guard the river for the resources it offers. Without it, we are in higher danger than we may think. Modern culture is a mighty force. It really is either subservient to the gospel if not it’s the deadliest enemy of the gospel.

For which makes it subservient, spiritual emotion is insufficient, intellectual labor is necessary also. And that labor has been neglected. The Church has considered easier tasks. And she actually is reaping the fruits of her indolence now. She must battle on her behalf life Now. Machen argued that by not standing up to the noticeable change in culture, we were already championing the worst enemy of the gospel.

It wasn’t only a matter of flavor, but a concern of eternity. As we’ve chosen cultural relativism as a societal norm, that is, that any culture goes, but the one which will please self especially, society has dumbed itself down to the lowest common denominator. David Wells (ROOM for Truth, p.