I know that Innisfree is already in Malaysia but well I am in a location a long way away from that big city where beauty products gathered. I actually bought this online because I finally give in to the enticement after so many rave about this clay mask. Innisfree is a brandname that men like even.

I didn’t get Etude House skincare products because Etude House skincare lines are more for teens and not someone who is going to be in the ‘older’ categories soon. Since Innisfree is suitable for adult also, I made a decision to get their famous cover up. I was actually thinking of whether to get the initial Volcanic Clay or the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

Then, since I haven’t try the initial one before therefore i was thinking about just maybe getting something not so strong because I read that Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask smell are more powerful than the initial. However, Volcanic series is merely for pore concern therefore people without acne problem can also use it.

If you are looking for combating acne, then go because of their Innisfre Bija range. The box are made from recycled paper.Simple and down to earth design. Instruction in English and the set of ingredients. In korean. I can’t understand a word except the 100ml and utilize it within 12months after opening. Ingredients in the clay mask.

In korean and printed by Soy Ink. The cap is made from aluminum with the expressed words embossed on it. The jar is made from plastic. Please take the jar back to Innisfree to be recycled. Jeju volcanic clay, ideal for controlling sebum. Clean Jeju volcanic elements made by the stiff lava following the volcano of Jeju exploded clears the deep skin pores with strong purifying function of skin. Mineral ingredients in the Jeju volcanic clay mask clears the pores and brightens your skin tone, enhancing your skin condition for better structure. Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask : For all those with various pore concerns! For all those with excessive sebum!

1. Using a toner, remove any residue remaining on your face. 2. Apply the merchandise all over that person, preventing the eyes and mouth area areas. 3. Wash off with lukewarm water after a quarter-hour. Volcanic Scoria is a natural and pretty rare component created as lava cools after a volcanic eruption. It gets the powerful capacity to absorb sebum and wash away impurities whilst purifying and moisturizing skin leaving it cleaner and healthier looking, without drying it out. There’s a plastic cover to protect the clay cover up. The clay face mask has a light brownish colour.

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The face mask smell like clay and application is easy. Unlike other cover up, this won’t make that person feels restricted or harden up after 15minutes. It is easy to wash it off without warm water even. It is drying though if I leave it as it is quite. Program of skincare products such as moisturiser and serum is a must after that.

If not, my epidermis feels as though a desert. I think it is because people my age has skin moving towards dryness gradually. Other than, it is a good mask as my face feels really smooth and my pores are quite definitely smaller. Definitely recommended for people that have big pores concern and age group among 15- 30years old. I will not recommend it for dried out skin or during winter. Products retails around RM50- RM54 for 100ml. Made in Korea. Offered by Innisfree Sunway Innisfree and Pyramid global online stores as well as online stores. For more information, please visit Innisfree official website. Product is not sponsored. The views expressed are my own and honest as always here.

A family separated, working in dirty, dangerous and degrading conditions, all with regard to a little sparkle. Little Kamal and Roshni sit at the mouth area of the mine their family toils in. World Vision Canada recently did a report of 60 companies that import mica-containing beauty products into Canada. Of those ongoing companies, only 18% provided detailed evidence of their commitment to prevent child labour in their supply chains.