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While rumors have been swirling for a lot of your day on Wednesday, the story about set up storied camera store string CalumetPhoto has filed for bankruptcy have come true. 14-08908 in the Northern District of Illinois USA Bankruptcy Court. CalumetPhoto, founded in 1939 grew to 3 dozen stores countrywide almost, and, lately, most notably obtained the Penn Camera camera stores in 2012 in the Washington DC region after they had opted into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After dropping 5 of the 8 locations, the rest of the 3 were designed to continue to fulfill the various government contracts that Penn Camera had acquired over time, as a hopeful way to obtain ongoing revenue for the beleaguered company.

All CalumetPhoto stores in the United States are closed, and classes have been cancelled and their @calumetphoto tweets account is currently non-existent, yet there were articles on their Facebook accounts up until mid-day Wednesday. The overseas CalumetPhoto stores in the EU remain operational. Reports from current and previous employees and specific store management have apparently been describing the studies and tribulations of their times at CalumetPhoto and the state of the business has reportedly not been well. The PDF of the courtroom filing can be looked at here, as a PDF. Please post your responses by clicking the hyperlink below. If you questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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