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I desire to finally open up my business sometime this fall (it will keep getting postponed but it will likely be soon, promise! I have already been working on gradually (in between focusing on my last thesis). So no collection date yet. Keep reading this blog for updates! Oil based serums: I have already been focusing on both highly complex blends and very simple blends for over a year . 5.

I’ve used simple blends for many years but sometime within the last couple of years I have been tinkering with really complex mixes, focusing even more on the properties of substances with regards to pores and skin conditions and type. I really like the complex blends really, my skin has never looked better (and it was very good to begin with ;P).

Toners I have already been crafting and screening many new different formulations during this year and a half, and tinkering with so many new hydrosols (I’ve tried over 30 hydrosols up to now). I used to only use very simple toners but my skin really enjoys my new mixes, so I am finding it hard to choose favorites: too many fantastic mixtures! I will have a rose based one since rose toners are the best, and great to use through the drier autumn/winter a few months! Cleansers I’ve been tweaking my old and developing some new meals for cleansing natural oils and liquid cleansers.

The cleansing essential oil I crafted some time back again is one of the only ones I’ve ever used that doesn’t break me away; since it cleanses without feeling too oily. The liquid cleansers are cleaning soap clean and centered without overdying; I’ve added a lot of extra oils/butters and herbs to them so they may be super gentle. Perfumes: I’ve made two lovely jasmine perfumes that I totally love (made with different types of jasmine) but may or might not offer them initially (since I am already way over budget).

  • Leaves your skin fresh and smooth
  • Whoever is happy can make others happy too
  • Hair Loss
  • Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Moisturizer ( used as a face primer)
  • Especially Formuated For OILY on track Skin
  • Now, add a drop of rose and calendula essential oil to it

I got a pleasant ounce of organic Turkish rose absolute some time ago from AV-AT at a very good price. The absolute is very extreme and floral and very lovely. I am also getting his organic rose gas (distilled), since though I take advantage of absolutes in perfumes, I don’t really utilize them in skin care (aside from jasmine). I am still crafting a couple other butters. The lip salve contains awesome ingredients like organic arnica. 72 a pound from my plant vendor–since it is vulnerable, threatened, or endangered in many places in the open, rather than all outrageous crafted natural herbs are ethically outrageous harvested.

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