Gemma Collins Visits The Kardashian’s Cosmetic Surgeon In LA

She’s presently living the American desire after jetting off to LA this week in a bet to be even more famous and release her own truth show. And Gemma Collins, 38, has already visited a cosmetic physician in a bid to have excess fat taken off her face after dropping 2.5 stone.

Dr Simon Ourian, a popular of the Kardashians, was recommended to Gemma by her CBB pal Jonathan Cheban, who is close friends with Kim. Taking to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, the former TOWIE star shared a video from her appointment with the acclaimed doctor. Jonathan then says that Dr Ourian, month waiting list that has a three, had caused a huge amount of A-listers and not simply ‘Instagram celebrities’.

She also published a picture of a coffee that at the surgery which had her face sprinkled into the frothy milk. Gemma has been living it up since arriving in LA and was pictured outside superstar haunt, the Chateau Marmont. On Tuesday, Gemma was very thrilled when Jonathan selected her up in a Bentley.

She roared down the street: ‘Is this a Bentley? I had been brought by you a BENTLEY! It was a Rolls-Royce. Jonathan has been showing Gemma the sights, taking her on vacations to various restaurants, the Beverly Wilshere, Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She even experienced a diamond specialist come and let her wear expensive jewels while Jonathan given her dessert. Will she get back to Essex ever?

But ECG assessments didn’t show seizure activity. The doctors conferred with Texas Children’s in Houston, where Kaylene got also taken her kid for treatment, and the hospital reiterated the Dallas doctors’ concern. Possibly the problem was the mother. CPS opened a second investigation. Dallas Children’s INFIRMARY and Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston create a joint staff to look at the case.

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They discovered that Kaylene claimed Christopher had muscle issues he did not have and made him use a wheelchair he didn’t need. The team was also worried that Kaylene got tried to get her son on a lung transplant list. They found a picture of Christopher with his hair shaved like a cancers patient and wearing a Make-A-Wish Foundation t-shirt on a GoFundMe web page that stated he had only half a year to live.

A neurologist from Children’s Hospital told CPS researchers that he thought Kaylene may have given Christopher something-possibly poison-to induce the seizures. The CPS investigation discovered that Ryan wasn’t the only one who experienced suspicions about Kaylene. One teacher at White Rock Elementary was told Christopher’s organs had “holes in them, like Swiss parmesan cheese,” but the instructor often noticed the child running and playing at recess.

When the institution nurse reached out to Christopher’s doctors to get their orders for his treatment and found that they differed from the orders Kaylene acquired provided, she confronted mother. Christopher,” the CPS record reads. “Mrs. Bowen do re-enroll Christopher in school … a couple of days later back again.” Then, after the school held the fundraiser for Christopher, whom each of them ill thought to be deathly, his mom withdrew him for another time.