Dead Running

Pray. Read.) in conjunction with the release of her new ebook, Dead Running. Cassidy Christensen is working. Running from the mercenaries who wiped out her parents. Running from a scheming redhead objective on making her life unpleasant. Running from painful remembrances that sabotage her dreams of pleasure. With two very attractive men competing on her behalf attention, she hopes she’ll have you to definitely run to finally, but can she trust of these either? When secrets from her past threaten her family, Cassidy decides to stop running and fight on her behalf future.

Dead Running by Cami Checketts. Cami’s writing is fast-paced and filled with unexpected twists and converts. And do I mention laughter? She can be stopped at by you blog where she is holding a FANTASTIC contest with great awards, to learn more about her books. Leave a comment below this post, with contact information, and you might earn a comment of my novel, NOT Marry the Mormon Boys. Winner TBA mid-May. Thanks for your persistence!

I simply had to avoid and recognize my known reasons for reaching for those two snack foods wasn’t because I always needed it at the time–it was likely because I was stressed and exhausted. I held it in my budget. I ensured it remained in my food plan. And it was okay. But it was very important to me to comprehend what was happening and how I had been reacting.

I had a busy evening at work followed by a grocery trip and supper preparations before the Tuesday night time support group meeting call. It had been a great call with 100% attendance seven weeks in–that’s a large deal! My workout tonight was excellent. I’ve been focusing on the music increasingly more and when I do–when I allow myself to get lost in it, I get an incredible workout always. When my workout falls short is usually while i share that point challenging thoughts and concerns of your day.

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Gifting myself that workout time and deciding to “clear my mental routine” because of its duration, is effective extremely. Coffee with sugar free flavored creamer. It’s back again to work for me personally! Three entire eggs plus two extra egg whites prepared over hard. Medium Fuji apple. 324 cal. Mid-morning treat: Nearly 1/2 a Fuji apple with 1/2 portion natural peanut butter. Late morning treat: Tostada shell with melted swiss. Pita Cheese Pizza w/sugars free marinara & 3 pieces mozzarella. 1/2 blue corn tortilla chips srv, guac (82g). 446 cal.

A few things, or ten. It’s never a quick trip, could it be? I would trim my very own Normally, but in the name of convenience-I spent a little extra. One ingredient: Sweet potatoes. 96% low fat ground meat (8oz), 1/4 cup alfredo, 1.25 srv swt container fries, roasted carrots. I’ve skipped this place lately! Headed inside. It’s workout time! The post-workout glistening selfie! Wow. Level 11, and furious fast, 30 solid!

About others, we do not. Continue the nice work. WHILE I flipped 60, I called myself a “senior debutante” not a senior citizen. Since then I sought out day to day challenges (to prevent my mind from disintegrating, I hate those mature moments to conquer me). I used to be ushered into a new challenging world, the to begin which was my plunge in to the internet that provided rise to 3 of my websites. I meet friends online and I’m glad I have found you, Rochelle, a “baby” in your loved ones.

It is a great age group, and a great 10 years. I believe we are much better off than previous generations of the same age, with more opportunities, more usage of information, more ‘variety’ and generally better health than many who arrived before. Thanks for commenting, CMHypno. Hey Rochelle, thanks for the fantastic hub. I turned 50 last year, and have chose that this would be the best 10 years of my entire life so far. Sorry Uninvited Writer, I made you UV instead of UW– must have been in the sun too long today out. Many thanks, UV. Seems like a lot of individuals are turning 50. I appreciate the share.