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After weekly of a lot of production and assignments, yesterday, we had a break before we’re back on the highway. So, after a selection that might be “photo appropriate”, and a bit of a struggle getting a huge pumpkin in to the small red wagon, we headed home and the giant pumpkin was taken up to the studio room.

At right is one of the ultimate images, and after the leap is a stop-action 4 minute video displaying the entire project, from start to finish, in about 1,000 individual still images. We began the carving with one of our cut-out tools after an instant sharpie sketch. Removing the meats in the pumpkin and we were ready to shoot, with a clean white background. Grace, our 8-month old came on collection for most of about three minutes, with my associate Suzanne Behsudi handling the background and my wife securing Grace, I made a series of structures which i was happy with pretty. Every in awhile once, it’s nice to have a break and have a little fun. Please post your responses by clicking the hyperlink below. If you’ve got questions, please present them inside our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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In practice, many organizations have a composite departmental structure including useful departmentation, geographic departmentation, and other forms. Management must be very careful in choosing the basis of departmentation because once a design is chosen it is very difficult and costly to switch to another pattern. The next factors should be kept in view while choosing the appropriate basis of departmentation.

Ø Specialisation:- The actions of a business should be grouped in such a way it leads to Specialisation of work. This helps to improve economy and efficiency of functions and enables people to become experts. Ø Coordination in the performance of different activities is necessary so that they contribute maximum towards the organizational goals. Ø Control:- The departmentation should be so that it facilitates dimension of performance and well-timed corrective action. Effective control helps to achieve economically organizational goals efficiently and.

Ø Cost:- The pattern and the number of departments should be so decided that maximum possible economy is achieved in the use of physical facilities and employees. Ø Special attention:- The many activities should be given adequate attention so that each necessary activity is performed and there is absolutely no unneeded duplication of activities. Ø Local Conditions:- Ought to be sufficiently considered in a system of decentralization. Departmentation should be adjusted relating to available resources. Ø Human consideration:- the lifetime of informal groupings, social patterns, value system, etc. should be given due consideration. Focus on human factors will make departmentation more efficient and effective.

But professors in Manipal’s anatomist and medical programs without Ph.D.’s must now work toward generating advanced degrees at Manipal while they continue teaching at the institution, says H.S. Ballal, pro chancellor of the college or university. Mr. Sudarshan says the college or university is desired by him to get an “elite applied-research organization,” partly by trying to get more corporate and business- and government-sponsored research projects. The Manipal Life Sciences Centre has been identified by India’s former president as a center of superiority in pharmacogenomics. K. Satyamoorthy, who until 10 years was a mature scientist doing research at the Wistar Institute ago, in Philadelphia. He joined up with Manipal University, he says, because he wanted the challenge of building a intensive research institution.