So You Want To Be A Fitness Trainer

I really do stay away from judging other Fitness Trainers. However there are situations where those in the general public eye provide a negative impression. I could longer hold back from a written rant no. As usual, the names of the perpetrators have been abbreviated to buffer the criticism. There is a popular reality television show called “The Biggest Loser”.

The premise of the show is that extremely overweight contestants compete to lose weight for a cash reward. The contestants get all hyped by these drill sergeant type Fitness Trainers who cajole them to push themselves in physical form and expose themselves emotionally. Contestants have been known to lose half their bodyweight in half a year. The so called Fitness Trainers on this show use doubtful strategies to get the contestants to lose such massive amounts of weight. Jillian M. is heralded as a celebrity ‘Fitness Trainer to the Stars’.

Jillian M. has best selling fitness books on the marketplace. Jillian M. has been on two truth T.V.shows, ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Losing It With Jillian’. Jillian M. endorses doubtful supplements. I’m usually ready to cut some slack with this one. She actually is far from the only Fitness Trainer pushing supplements. My current opinion is that unless someone is deficient in a certain essential ingredient, the addition of a mega dose of that ingredient is pointless.

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Internet rumor has her being sued for promoting unsafe supplements. Actually, this is the 4th time that she’s been sued for this sort of promotion. Her credentials as a Fitness Trainer have been often questioned. She’s actually threatened a defamation suit against the sources of this doubt. Her qualifications and certificates are current or more to day supposedly.

When you are a general public figure you will be a focus on of haters! But why so many haters and just why all these lawsuits? Countless Fitness Trainers on the web deride Jillian M. for having actuality show contestants perform unsafe exercises for people of such substantial weight. Having reluctantly watched the show, I concur. The show’s manufacturers may be relatively at fault as well. They need conflict and action.

Internet sources also accuse our beleaguered Jillian of teaching improper technique. I will presume that she is not in total control of what exercises are prescribed.The Hollywood powers that be likely dictate the terms. Jillian M. acts like a profane, bad mouthed bully regarding to on line fitness pundits. I don’t believe I can defend her with this one. Jillian M. is a disgrace to the fitness career because she crashed and burnt at a triathlon competition.

Ease up you haters. She’s human being – not Wonder Woman! I’ve bonked on a few marathons and almost succumbed to the soul sucking succubus of glycogen depletion on the run-bike-run race. I give her a mulligan on this one. Jillian M. is attractive! Jillian M. is super fit and very ripped! Women want to appear to be her! Men want her as their FITNESS EXPERT!