Business Meal Deductions

How is it possible to make the most out of food allowances on your taxes? With regards to the circumstances, you can deduct about half the cost of meals that are related to doing business. But did you know that there are specific exemptions in the tax code that allow for a 100% deduction for meals in certain situations? Here are 3 examples.

The company party. One per year A whole lot of companies involve some sort of company party because of their employees. As long as the party is primarily for the benefit of all the company employees, it qualifies for a 100% deduction. Employee meetings. Many companies have morning hours conferences or an occasional treat for employees for spending so much time.

It may be in the form of espresso and doughnuts or lunch time. This is known as “De minimis” employee benefits. By description, this is small and periodic items that a business pays for and it is not considered taxable income for your employees. These periodic employee treats and usually 100% deductible. Employees on standby for emergencies. Meals provided for an employee during working hours to ensure availability for an emergency call, is generally 100% deductible.

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That’s fine for resistors-it reduces risk and dependency on anybody supplier-but it’s now impossible for microprocessors. Sure, you can get MIPS potato chips from a dozen different sources, such as NEC, PMC-Sierra, IDT, and Intrinsity, but they aren’t interchangeable each other. They all implement the same instructions set, but their buses, pin-outs, peripherals, rates of speed, and packages are different.

At best, the programmers can keep the majority of their code, however the hardware engineers must design an all-new system. There was a right time when Motorola and Hitachi provided identical 68k processors, DMA controllers, and other chips. Intel and AMD used to second-source each other’s processors as well (remember when AMD and Intel were friends?). Many low-end parts in the 8051 or 6805 family used to be double- or even triple-sourced also. Alas, competition has brought an end to those full times. Every processor chip is exclusive Now, even if its instruction set isn’t. With more than 100 different inserted 32-bit processors on the market, there must be too many options for the market to support, right?