Fitbit Ultra Review

I lately bought the Fitbit Ultra so that they can increase my fitness levels, in day to day life and also to encourage me to be a little more active. Although it is a slightly older model, I made a decision to choose this version as the purchase price was a bit lower than the newer one, and the specifications met most of my requirements. Plus, the Fitbit Ultra is supported by the Fitbit website still, which means I can synchronize and there analyze my data.

But more about this later! Tracking Metrics Steps, distance, calories from fat, floors climbed and sleep quality. Sync Wired basestation I go directly to the toilet that is away furthest; I go for a walk during lunch- little things that may not sound like much, but add toward my goals set during the day.

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Speaking of goals, you may use the Fitbit website to set yourself reasonable daily and weekly focuses on. When you reach these, you obtain a badge on your profile to congratulate you. The goals are easy to understand, and the achievements are listed as a share or a figure. Addititionally there is the option to add friends and family to your profile, to be able to compete with one another and defeat each others’ targets, and a leader board to compare improvement.

Just as well I have no idea any gym-bunnies with a Fitbit, otherwise I’d be lifeless last! Personally, I really like this product for the geek-chic factor simply, as I love to be influenced by graphs, statistics and reward charts. If you are driven by achieving goals and having an obvious record of it, then the Fitbit Ultra is certainly for you.

Another amazing perk of the Fitbit Ultra is it actually documents your sleep pattern too- as a healthy body is a well rested one! In the force of a button, the Fitbit will record the length of time you are in bed. Well, it also records how long it takes you to fall asleep, the amount of times your sleep was disturbed, and whether you awoke at any stage in the night. Once synced, the data is used to investigate your sleep pattern, and present you an over all percentage of sleep quality.

This is specially interesting when you compare periods of ill health with normal times- I came across up to a 30% reduction in sleep quality when I had the chilly recently! Maybe that is why I felt so terrible and exhausted! Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black Buy Now It Can’t Be All Good, Surely?

In all credibility, I find it especially difficult to acquire any real negatives about this product. There is the cost- it is a expensive gadget rather, which was something I considered after i appeared into buying one greatly. The choice products in the same field simply do not compare- particularly if it involves all the lovely geekery!

There is also the tiny fact that I really do enjoy my food. I’ll explain- easily can see that I have burnt over 2000 Calories that day, and done 5000 steps, then your foodie in me justifies an extra piece of bar or cake of chocolate. I’m sure certainly wasn’t the intention!