Controlling Multiple Virtual Machines In Computer Classrooms

A management of laptop classroom is undoubtedly a troublesome task for the administrator which has to arrange digital operating techniques for schooling. It is quite frequent that lectors need to edit the particular machine through the semester, and that is the case where the principle issues can seem. The technique of modifications deployment isn’t just very time-consuming however throughout it a digital machine inconsistency can appear. The main part of this paper focuses on system process diagrams and its pseudocode.

At first, the machine is created on the remote server by lector or administrator. After a correct approval, the machine is ready to be deployed. The lector then specifies the details about date, time and locations of the digital machine deployment. Once these particulars are authorised, the digital machine will probably be automatically deployed at the specified time. The automatic deployment includes additionally an preliminary configuration of the virtual machine at distant desktop and its post-set up configuration (hostname, MAC address, and so on.).

Once all steps are completed, the process can be marked as succeed. We present an automatized solution which offers a risk how to easily handle laptop classroom with virtual working systems. The proposed answer should ship a better flexibility, extra reliability and quicker deployment as compared with the current resolution used in our pc classroom. The proposal can also be ready to control with already deployed machines for simple modifications (e.g. software program updates). The main benefit is the advance of classroom management course of automation.

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