People who fought, and continue to fight, to avoid the Muskrat Falls task were called “nay-sayers” or “known critics” by the federal government, and its mouth pieces. We were constantly referred to as “people without credibility”. In Newfoundland “credibility” is code for the boy’s club (the business/politics backroom of the province) nod of acceptance. People who are “not credible” aren’t sanctioned and, therefore, akin to loose lipped fools – too stunned to understand the vision.

However, my education and experience gives me a whole different definition of “credible”. Firstly, I try not to use the word, since it is judgmental and personal. Just because someone else has a different vision or understanding will not mean they may be “not credible”. To me, a person’s ability to synthesize all areas of the Muskrat Falls task, for instance, is essential to truly have a “credible” opinion on the entire project – it doesn’t imply they aren’t a credible person. For two and a half years now I have been fighting the Muskrat Falls project: not out of spite as some have said; not because of personal vendettas; never to meddle; and not to be political.

These are things I never evaluate anything on. They are small minded and petty. I have already been fighting Muskrat Falls because from the beginning it struck me as not making sense. The countless reasons why it generally does not make sense cannot all be listed here – that could take a reserve.

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The important thing could it be doesn’t – albeit for different reasons than the ones that flagged the project to me initially. So where does that leave the federal government – started as we are? Well, where this government finds itself is exactly where in fact the man whose brainchild this is remaining it on course to be when he scuttled out the door.

Yes, this is all Danny Williams. It concerns me that honestly he place the gullible Kathy Dunderdale to consider the fall for the unavoidable failure while he has the aroma of roses as the hero supervisor of a short-term hockey team. It might be his plan to get away the blame, but we are in the same way determined to remind people where in fact the blame really is situated.

It’s not personal. It’s called responsibility to the general public, that as top, he screwed. Now the proverbial plastic has strike the wall – the wall of reality. The PC government, Williams team, is stuck in guerrilla warfare. Dunderdale stated publicly that the PCs had planned for each contingency recently. Sorry, but that’s not true.