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In my “lab” environment, I’m running Lync Server 2010 RC within an existing OCS 2007 R2 corporate environment. Since I didn’t want to do anything that would impact the prevailing user inhabitants, I didn’t make any unneeded changes to the existing advantage server environment. So, I’m using our existing OCS 2007 R2 advantage server to communicate with my Lync 2010 front-end. Since its not a full Lync 2010 environment from end to get rid of, I expected certain Lync 2010 features would not work simply.

One of these long anticipated features is the capability to transfer documents between users who are on different firewalled systems. In OCS 2007 R2 and old versions, individuals were often frustrated by the inability for Communicator to transfer documents between users who weren’t on a single network. You can receive the document ChuckNorrisFacts.doc from Chuck Norris. This may be credited to firewall network or limitations problems.

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If you need further assistance, please contact your system administrator. In Lync 2010, file exchanges between users on disparate systems will work, because Lync 2010 is a complete great deal smarter about finding a routable network path to the other party. Lync use ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) and SDP (Session Description Protocol) to discover a media way to send file data in quite similar way that Communicator used ICE/SDP for voice/video traffic.

For an excellent description about how Communicator uses ICE/SDP, read this post by the Communications Server team. I had developed assumed you’ll need to use the Lync client in conjunction with a Lync edge server for file transfer to work properly. To my surprise, I found that a Lync advantage server isn’t a required element.

The Lync client will all the ICE/SDP work to find a routable media path. When either party is behind a firewall and can’t be reached directly from the other consumer, Lync shall use the prevailing OCS/Lync edge server to act as a proxy. I confirmed this by reviewing the Lync client logs on my machine. By the real way, its very handy to show on logging in Lync. It could be very helpful when troubleshooting, or in this case, trying to figure out how things will work just.

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