Capital Investment Advisors LLC

Capital Investment Advisors (“CIA”) is a respected owner, operator and designer of office, industrial, home and retail real property in the Washington Metropolitan area. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, CIA targets strategic investment, development and management in both high barrier-to-entry and high growth markets within Washington Metropolitan area. CIA provides to its capital partners a complete array of co-invested real estate services including: acquisition/disposition, development/construction management, property management, asset management and financial reporting services.

500 million altogether capitalization, CIA’s portfolio varies from unentitled land to value-add and core-plus, cash-flowing resources. CIA successfully, and continually, partners with institutional investors, including publicly held companies, family office principals, private equity funds, and high online worth investors. For over 20 years Capital Investment Advisors (CIA) has been positively involved in the Washington Metropolitan area real estate industry.

Capital Investment Advisors possesses, develops and manages a broad stock portfolio of multifamily rental communities, home land for development, commercial office and commercial buildings as well as several ground-up development and construction ventures as the market affords. CIA is primarily focused on opportunistic value acquisitions where our skill as general contractors for renovation and owner focused value-add strategies can generate above market risk/return opportunities. CIA is also very centered on the acquisition of “interim use” possessions where in fact the long history of rezoning, subdivision and entitlement experience can create significant investment positions. The company’s financial goals are to secure superior risk adjusted returns of their market place and also to create long term value through these various disciplines. We make investments our own equity into our endeavors to check out similarly long-term value traders as companions in these investments.

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  • You have to pay capital gains fees on accommodations property
  • Project FCF for every year, prior to the impact from Debt and Cash
  • Once the application for HLE has been approved, you can proceed to apply for your level
  • 2: Bank or investment company Integration
  • Are there any outstanding issues that can’t be reversed? (E.g. Commitments, agreements)
  • Meaning of shared fund
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

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