What Peeks Through Those Trees?

Eastern Washington has tremendous beauty. Much of it is on the grand scale typical of the American west. Here’s where immense dry coulees (cliff-rich basalt formations that bookmark dried out valleys), deserts, the irrigated Columbia Basin, the Columbia River Gorge, vast orchards, and some of the richest whole-wheat lands anywhere in the world, all take your breathing away. This image isn’t of the grand level, or the Hudson River School genre, as Deborah Paris loves to say. Nonetheless it hints of this. What peeks through those trees? What will I find within the next field over? What events await tomorrow? These are some relevant questions I think of while I look at this painting.

I really love the Ursula witch makeup! Hope you have a great time this Halloween. Many thanks and have an extremely Happy Halloween, C! Great color hat and tips pick! I would love to dress up as a witch this Halloween (Wicked is one of my most favorite musicals so I’ll probably go as Elphaba). I’ve never put face paint on my face before but reading your step-by-step instructions make it sound easy and fun!

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KOrazem: Thanks for the kind wishes and remarks. If you go as a witch, You are hoping by me have a wonderful Halloween! Seriously thinking of going as a witch this Halloween so these tutorials are perfect. Thanks for sharing and have an excellent Halloween. I’d LOVE to see what costume you come up with for the one! Some amazing ideas here! So too thorough. The Ursula make-up made me lol – that is the one I’d go for hash. I am not dressing up as a witch but I always seem to find someone I know that is.

Or most of them? This might suit me with no doubt! Linda BookLady: The orange plants are a good touch — thanks a lot for the end, Linda. AFTER I used to dress for Halloween Back, it was always as a witch with orange blooms mounted on my head wear. Ideal for a Wizard of Oz style witch.

7: Thanks quite definitely, means a lot via one of Squidoo’s Halloween experts. A witch is ALWAYS the best. I love to be a witch. I REALLY LIKE those Witch Shoe Covers Adult! Congrats on your purple star! A vintage witch outfit is one of my favorites for Halloween still.

I think that one would be so much fun at a Halloween party! Love that makeup she created. Thanks for here stopping by! Richard-H: Oh, I’m delighted with the angel blessing for these bewitching face paint looks! Thank you very much indeed, Rich. JenOfChicago LM: Thanks a lot, Jen! Thank you — and yes it’s no wonder witches are popular once more!

Not a wart around the corner! Oooh, I like Ursala the ocean Witch! Maybe that’ll be my next clothing! These are some of the most glamourous witches I’ve observed in an extended while. Great tips – getting the makeup right is the hardest part but you have made it easy. Witches used to be awful warty old hags. Now even the wicked ones come with an almost glamorous look about them.