Help Us TO IMPROVE Millions Of Lives For Better! At Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice requires a Digital Technical Architect with expert understanding of CMS structures to join our growing team. Be working across a number of exciting digital tasks You’ll. This is a thrilling time as you will have an opportunity to help out with the direction of this important national charity as the development team is scaled up. We’ve a number of exciting inner and externally customer facing digital tasks with opportunities for R&D Fridays and creative thinking.

We help change an incredible number of people’s lives each year. And we are in need of your help to make even more difference. A leading non-profit with an increase of than 20,000 staff and volunteers in the wider service, and over 2,500 locations. Awesome reach: 22 million people engage with our public-facing internet sites, and 6.2 million issues locally are managed in person. Amazing client satisfaction: 95% of our clients say they would recommend us. We’ve a diverse digital portfolio of consumer products across different areas and markets, including money advice, consumer tools, see service.

Citizens Advice is accountable for hearing people’s experiences, collecting data and then assisting the government to instigate reform, as well as helping the millions of people across the UK desperately looking for advice. Our technology stack includes Ruby on Rails, Spec, Cucumber, React, Jest, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Spark, Docker, AWS (cloudFormation, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Chef et al), Jenkins, JMeter & Selenium grid.

We have a road map for continuous delivery. We use GitHub, Atlassian, Invision, Slack, Google Hangouts et al to remain organized and in contact. We are completely agile using either scrum for big or kanban for small tasks. Our approach to testing is by using the best practices for BDD/TDD.

What do we expect from you? Specialist knowledge of CMS architectures with integrations to other systems. A good listener with strong communication skills. We are interested in people who have a strong green field development and product experience, and minds who’ve spent time sweating the facts about what is absolutely important to customers.

  • Always make an effort to match your relationship with an integral account
  • Strong software design and development experience, including OO design
  • Every business has its social responsibility to their customers in the present day situation
  • A methodical method of all tasks
  • The lifespan of the pallet is 13.3 years
  • Payment options: Credit card or checking account
  • The specifics of this success
  • Are you thinking about retail sales or executing a service

The flexibility, dynamism, interested in technology and constant learning. You’ll also be eager to talk about your experience and learning with the wider team to promote the worthiness of high quality testing. Experience of working in cross functional groups (highly attractive). Masters in Computer Science or related technical field or similar practical experience. Any connection with screening machine learning systems would be highly desired.

People who want to work in a generous, inventive, and accountable help and culture change an incredible number of lives for better. We particularly welcome applications from disabled and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates as BAME and disabled people are under-represented throughout Citizens Advice. We are a member of the competition equality marketing campaign at Business locally, the Prince’s accountable business network and are committed to improving employment opportunities for ethnic minorities over the UK. We welcome applications from also, Trans, and LGB and non-binary applicants. We’ve made an optimistic commitment to employing disabled people and guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum essential requirements for the role as laid out in role profiles.

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